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Get direct access to the FDIC's consumer information page by entering in your web browser.  You will find consumer news and alerts, tips on mortgages, identity theft and more.

Safeguarding Your Information

  • Do not reveal personal identifiers unless you know how they will be used or shared.
  • Deposit outgoing mail at the post office and remove delivered mail immediately.
  • Carry only the identification and bank/credit cards you actually need.
  • Do not give out personal data over the phone, through the mail or on the Internet unless you have initiated the contact. Chambers Bank will NEVER e-mail or telephone you requesting your account information.
  • Shred or tear up your charge receipts, credit cards solicitations, expired cards, statements, checks or other sensitive personal information.
  • Give your Social Security number only when absolutely necessary. Ask to use other identifiers.

If you believe your Chambers Bank account information may have been compromised, please Contact Us immediately to assist you in protecting your assets and your identity.

Chambers Bank will NEVER e-mail or telephone you requesting your account informationNEVER respond to e mail (no matter how "official" it looks) or phone solicitations that ask you to provide account numbers, PIN  numbers, social security numbers or any personal information related to your accounts at Chambers Bank.  If you receive an e mail requesting such information, delete it immediately.  If you receive a phone call asking for your information, hang up the phone.  In both cases call Chambers Bank for further verification.

Never give out your account information, passwords or PIN numbers to anyone UNLESS YOU INITIATE THE CALL.  If you believe your account information has been compromised, contact the bank immediately so changes can be implemented to secure your accounts. 

Safeguarding your information is our priority.  

Chambers Bank will NEVER call our customers requesting account information, personal information or credit card numbers.  If you ever receive a call from anyone stating they are calling from Chambers Bank and they request personal or account information, hang up the phone and call the bank.  Safeguarding your information is our priority.


SHAZAM has been made aware of a new e-mail-based card scam. The scam looks legitimate and can be very deceiving. 
Please read the following carefully.

In this scam, consumers are falsely notified by e-mail that their Visa® cards may have been compromised due to fraudulent activity.

The e-mail provides official-looking information about Visa's commitment to fighting fraud, along with a false "Case ID Number." It also directs cardholders to verify their identity through the Web in order to continue using online services. 

Neither Visa nor MasterCard® will request personal information, account details, or card information over the telephone or through e-mail. Cardholders should promptly notify their card-issuing financial institution, local law enforcement, or the FBI at if they receive suspicious calls or e-mails. They should also monitor their statements for any unfamiliar transactions.

The following is an example of a fraudulent e-mail.

Dear Visa Cardholder,

Continuous Monitoring is an integral part of Visa's multiple layers of security. In addition to other fraud monitoring tools, we can often spot fraud based upon transactions on the card that are outside of cardholders typical purchasing pattern.

This allows us to spot fraudulent activity as quickly as possible and acts as an early-warning system to identify fraudulent activity.

During a recent checkout we detected suspicious activity and your Visa card may have been compromised. Fraudulent activity made it necessary to limit your card for online services.

Your Case ID Number is: DD7Q8QQ9EDR7

Conform to our security requirements and in order to continue online services with your card, we must validate your identity.

Please click here to verify your identity.

Visa takes online security very seriously so that you can shop safely on the Internet. As part of our commitment to fighting fraud we have the right to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, or violations of the terms and conditions for using Visa.


Visa Customer Service.

© Copyright 2001-2009, Visa All Rights Reserved.


The FBI says identity theft is the fastest growing white-collar crime in the nation. It involves criminally using another individual's personal identifiers, which are acquired through various means, including one's own mailbox. The identity thief needs only to get your name, address, bank or credit card account numbers or your Social Security number, etc., to take over your identity. The crook can then change your address, open new accounts at financial institutions and credit card companies in your name and deplete your funds, running up huge credit card balances and generally creating havoc with your good name and credit rating.


Here are a few pointers to help you avoid becoming a victim:

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Fast Cash the Easy Way!
Fast Cash the Easy Way!

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Overdraft Coverage

The best way to avoid overdrafts is good account management, but occasionally overdrafts occur. Chambers Bank overdraft coverage can help.  To learn more, call us at 479-394-5161.

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Online Banking

Bank with a Web Browser from any Personal Computer! All activity is personal, confidential and completely secure - Anytime, Anyplace. We offer Bill Pay, transfers and loan payments, download to Quicken and MS Money, account balances, historical information, check and statement images and so much more!

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